Priorities USA Action and Senate Majority PAC Launch New $1.1 Million Digital Ad Campaign Against Self-Serving Rick Scott

August 08, 2018

Priorities USA Action and Senate Majority PAC Launch New $1.1 Million Digital Ad Campaign Against Self-Serving Rick Scott

Ad Campaign will Direct Voters to

Washington, DC — Priorities USA Action and Senate Majority PAC are launching a $1.1 million digital ad campaign highlighting Rick Scott’s long history of looking out for himself and his bank account over the interests of Florida’s families and working people. The ads will run statewide in English and Spanish.

Throughout his time as governor, former health care profiteer Rick Scott has drastically increased his wealth while at the same time turning away funds that would greatly improve the lives of his constituents—including Medicaid funding that would have covered 750,000 Floridians and over $1 million that would have helped to fight substance abuse. Meanwhile, Scott has given billions of dollars in tax relief to the rich like himself and big corporations and supported a health care plan that could eliminate coverage for the 8 million Floridians with pre-existing conditions.

The ads will run across a broad range of platforms where voters are consuming content online in English and Spanish, including Facebook, Google, YouTube and Pandora, as well as on online news platforms such CNN, the New York Times, Univision and Telemundo. Voters who are interested in learning more about Scott’s self-serving record will be directed to

To view examples of the ads in English, click here and here. To view examples of the ads in Spanish, click here and here.

“The last eight years have made it clear that when Rick Scott has to make a choice between benefiting himself and benefiting Florida families, Rick Scott will always come first,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA Action. “While Scott’s time in Tallahassee has been a windfall for Rick Scott and his wealthy friends, working Floridians who are facing rising health care premiums or whose loved ones are struggling with opioids have found themselves betrayed. Priorities and SMP are proud to partner on this campaign to make sure that middle class Floridians have a true fighter looking out for them in Washington, not Rick Scott.”

“As governor, Rick Scott turned his back on the people of Florida; he enriched himself and his cronies and left middle-class Floridians high and dry,” said J.B. Poersch, President of SMP. “Florida families looked to Scott to fight for them, but, when given the chance, he restricted their access to health care, vetoed funding for critical substance abuse programs and instead gave tax cuts to the wealthy like himself. SMP and Priorities are committed to making sure that Florida voters know that Rick Scott didn’t look out for them in Tallahassee, and he won’t look out for them in the Senate.”