Priorities USA Action Releases Pennsylvania TV Ad Taking on Donald Trump’s Lies Ahead of the First Presidential Debate

September 29, 2020

Donald Trump has lied over 20,000 times during his time in the White House. His lies have put the American people at grave risk — making our country sicker and less safe. Trump lied about the coronavirus, and over 200,000 Americans are now dead. Trump lied about his plan to cut Medicare and Social Security, even though he’s put benefits for millions of Americans on the chopping block in every single budget. Trump lied about protecting health care for Americans with pre-existing conditions, and his administration is in court right now to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. A new ad from Priorities USA Action released ahead of the first presidential debate states plainly: Donald Trump can’t be trusted.

Trump Lies” will air in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania both ahead of and during the first presidential debate. Falsehoods and misinformation are a guarantee in Donald Trump’s debate performance. Priorities USA Action will be up on the air making sure voters know just how little Trump cares about the truth — and how his lies hurt all of us.

Trump Lies” will run alongside “Not For Us” — emphasizing that Donald Trump doesn’t work for the American people, only himself and his wealthy friends.

Priorities USA Action is currently spending over $9 million per week in key battleground states to ensure that Donald Trump is defeated in November. Priorities recently announced a $7.3 million digital and TV advertising expansion in Pennsylvania, identifying the state as providing the tipping point in Joe Biden’s path to electoral victory.

“Donald Trump has tried to lie his way out of every problem of his own making. He lied about the coronavirus, leaving our country unprepared, and now hundreds of thousands of Americans have died with millions more still sick,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “We expect that with his campaign in crisis and his administration in chaos, Trump’s lies will only get worse and his baseless attacks on Joe Biden only more outrageous. Priorities will make sure voters know that Donald Trump can’t be trusted with our health care, our security, or our lives.”