Priorities USA Action Releases New TV and Digital Ads Highlighting Donald Trump’s Failure to Lead the Country and the Strength Joe Biden Will Bring to the Presidency

June 09, 2020

Priorities USA Action is releasing a new TV ad, “Divides,” focusing on Donald Trump’s inability to lead the country during a time when multiple crises demand competence and compassion from our leadership. The ad asks voters to think of the damage that has been done under Donald Trump and to imagine what four more years would be like. Because of his inaction, American lives were needlessly lost to the coronavirus, American jobs disappeared, and millions were kicked off of their health insurance when accessible coverage could not be more important. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are standing up for justice, but Donald Trump only knows how to respond with hate and division. Instead of acting as a source of calm and compassion for the American people, Donald Trump chose to inflame hatred.

Divides” will run on TV in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona.

Priorities USA Action is also releasing a new digital ad, “Crisis,” which will run on streaming platforms in critical swing states. The ad emphasizes the steadiness, compassion, and competence that Vice President Joe Biden would bring to the White House. Our country is in desperate need of real leadership, and Joe Biden will be ready for the job on day one. Priorities is running a seven figure per week digital ad buy as part of an over $200 million effort to defeat Donald Trump this year.

Priorities USA Action is also expanding our TV ad buy into Arizona. Donald Trump is increasingly nervous about his chances in Arizona and the Trump campaign has been scrambling to up their spending in the state. Priorities is committed to countering Trump’s misinformation campaign on the airwaves and giving the American people the facts about Donald Trump’s failure to lead.

“In times of crisis, instead of leading, Donald Trump defaults to his old playbook of hate, division and incitement. Priorities will continue to counter Trump’s message of bigotry and chaos and deliver the facts about his failed presidency to the American people,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “Our country is at an unprecedented moment of change. Donald Trump has proven that he is incapable of meeting this moment and demonstrating the leadership that the American people are crying out for. We simply cannot afford four more years of Donald Trump. Joe Biden has proven that he is able to heal our country and take decisive action to bring the change the American people need.”