Priorities USA Action Releases New TV Ads: Donald Trump is Failing Americans, Joe Biden Leads With Unity and Hope

July 14, 2020

Washington, DC — As countries around the world see coronavirus cases plummet, quickly control new flare-ups, and safely reopen their economies, the United States stands out as one of the few countries that has failed to get the virus under control. In just the last week, Americans saw the highest number of cases recorded in a single day since the crisis began and the Trump administration is still failing to provide any meaningful guidance or resources to states hit hard by rapidly increasing infections. Donald Trump’s recent Tulsa rally, designed to soothe his bruised ego, is a likely cause of a new rash of infections in the region. Priorities USA Action is releasing two new TV ads that highlight Trump’s mismanagement of the pandemic and contrast it with Vice President Joe Biden’s strong steady leadership.

Cases” contrasts the exponential rise in American coronavirus cases with Donald Trump’s constant stream of misinformation that the risk is “very low” and “the numbers are very minuscule.” The ad highlights Trump’s call to “slow the testing down,” an order that was meant to bolster his political standing at the expense of the health and safety of the American people. “Cases” will run on cable and broadcast in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. The ad is reminiscent of “Exponential Threat,” an ad run by Priorities several months ago that the Trump campaign is currently suing over.

We The People” contrasts Donald Trump’s chaos and selfishness with Joe Biden’s steady, compassionate leadership. Millions of Americans are in crisis and Donald Trump still chooses to put himself first while sowing hate and division. Joe Biden knows what it means to be a real leader and he knows that Americans can meet our greatest challenges when we are united. With Biden in the White House, the American people will always come first.

Since March, Priorities USA Action has spent about $24 million holding Donald Trump accountable for his failure to protect American lives during the coronavirus crisis. Priorities continues to invest almost $2 million per week on TV and digital ads to reach voters in battleground states and tell the truth about Donald Trump’s failed leadership. Priorities is committed to investing more than $200 million through the end of the year to defeat Donald Trump and ensure that Joe Biden is the next President of the United States.

“Donald Trump is lying and deflecting in order to avoid any accountability for the thousands of lives that could have been saved had his administration acted with a shred of competence. We will not allow his campaign of misinformation to go unchecked,” said Chairman of Priorities USA Guy Cecil. “Because of Donald Trump, the United States is still at square one in tackling this crisis while other governments, who took the threat seriously, are seeing declining cases and safely reopening their economies. Millions are out of work, thousands are getting sick every day and all Donald Trump cares about is staging his next political rally. We are investing millions of dollars to make Joe Biden the next president because he will put the interests of the American people first.”