Priorities USA Action Releases New TV Ad Contrasting Biden and Trump on the Pandemic

October 05, 2020

Priorities USA Action is releasing a new television ad to run in battleground states that contrasts Donald Trump’s reckless and irresponsible handling of the coronavirus pandemic with Joe Biden’s steady and responsible leadership. Even after contracting the virus himself, Trump has continued to put other Americans at risk by disregarding basic health protocols and refusing to listen to experts on critical issues like mask wearing as the virus continues to spread across the country.

Donald Trump has downplayed the threat, ignored the scientists, mocked wearing masks, held events with no social distancing and undermined the government response every step of the way. Many more Americans are dead because of his actions. Joe Biden has been responsible from day one, leading by example and laying out concrete plans to get our nation through this challenge.

Night and Day” will run on cable and broadcast in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin beginning Wednesday. Priorities USA Action is spending about $8 million per week on TV, digital and radio ads.

“Donald Trump is a reckless president who repeatedly puts the health and safety of the American people at risk. His irresponsibility and utter disregard for science has cost this country dearly and we will continue to hold him accountable. The stakes are too high,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “We need a responsible president who will put the American people ahead of his own ego. Joe Biden is the leader we need and Priorities USA has his back.”