Priorities USA Action Releases New Ad Following Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s SCOTUS Confirmation

April 08, 2022

Priorities USA Action released a new ad following Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s historic confirmation to the Supreme Court.

The new ad, “History of Perseverance,” echoes the words of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. Judge Jackson noted that she stands on the shoulders of Black women who came before her, determined to make “equal justice under law” a reality for every American. Her ascension to the highest court is rooted in the courage of Black women who are instrumental to fights for justice and withstand racist attacks by those who seek to maintain the status quo. Despite being one of the most qualified SCOTUS nominees in history, Judge Jackson still had to persevere in the face of the same racism and bigotry that so many before her had to endure and still endure.

As the ad points out, right-wing forces who seek to discredit Black women who dare to lead are not new. Throughout the confirmation hearings, GOP leaders such as Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, and Josh Hawley disrespected and attacked Judge Jackson just like those who sought to stifle progress before them. In response to this, the ad urges voters to make their voices heard in November to stop extreme Republicans from gaining power.

Poll after poll has shown overwhelming support for Judge Jackson’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. Priorities USA Action will continue to remind Americans that while far-right forces attempt to chip away at our rights, the majority of our country is committed to a more just, more equitable future.

“As one of the most qualified people ever nominated to our highest court, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation is so much more than a historic first. Her voice on the court will be essential to creating a more just, more equitable future,” said Priorities USA Chairman Guy Cecil. “Yet, like so many accomplished Black women before her, she faced hateful and racist attacks that belittled her qualifications and her record. This will not be forgotten. Priorities USA will continue to remind voters that the Republicans’ disrespect for Judge Jackson is incompatible with our country’s pursuit of justice for all and that their party must be stopped in its pursuit of even more power.”