Priorities USA Action Launches New TV Ad on Donald Trump’s Failed Coronavirus Response

April 28, 2020

Priorities USA Action is launching a new TV ad tying the mounting coronavirus death toll and economic turmoil to Donald Trump’s continued failure to adequately prepare for and respond to this crisis.

The ad will be running on cable and broadcast in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as part of the $65 million of TV reservations Priorities has already announced through Election Day. This is part of Priorities’ $200 million commitment to defeat Donald Trump. Priorities has already spent over $10 million on TV and digital ads related to President Trump’s failed response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump claimed he would put “America First” and now he has – the United States leads the world in coronavirus cases, twice as many Americans have died than people in any other country, and 26 million Americans are unemployed. The new ad, “First,” highlights how Trump has made the crisis far worse by downplaying the threat, ignoring the experts, and refusing to prepare. Like Priorities’ previous ads on the topic, “First” includes footage from Trump’s politically toxic daily press briefings. New polling from Navigator shows that a majority of voters believe Trump should leave the briefings to health experts rather than continue to do them himself.

With an incompetent administration still struggling to deliver on basic medical equipment and tests required to reopen the economy, American families are suffering because of Trump’s failed leadership.

“More than 55,000 Americans have died, a worse toll than any other country in the world. Donald Trump is failing at a time when the stakes couldn’t be higher,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “America should be setting an example and leading on the world stage. But instead, Donald Trump is failing us and now we are first in infections and first in deaths. We will never let him rewrite history or hide the truth from the American people.”