Priorities USA Action Launches New Digital Ads Highlighting Biden’s Honest Leadership While Trump Fails to Deliver for Frontline Medical Professionals

May 04, 2020

As part of its ongoing seven figure per week digital campaign in battleground states, Priorities USA Action is launching digital ads contrasting Donald Trump’s downplaying and mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic with Vice President Joe Biden’s steady leadership, calls to listen to experts, and compassion for those who have been hit hardest by this crisis. 

  • You Come First” demonstrates Joe Biden’s compassionate leadership, putting those who have been harmed by the coronavirus first, while Trump continues to focus only on himself. 
  • Responsibledemonstrates that in contrast to Trump’s failed leadership, Vice President Joe Biden has the experience to provide real solutions during hard times. 
  • Real Leadership” and “Joe’s Got Your Back” show that a true leader is honest with the American people and puts them first. While Donald Trump lies and obfuscates, Joe Biden will listen to scientists and public health experts to protect the American people and get the country back on track. 
  • Frontliners First” shows that unlike Donald Trump, Joe Biden knows that real leaders take responsibility. With Joe Biden in the White House, frontline workers will get the support they need to do the crucial work that keeps Americans healthy. 

The digital ads will run on pre-roll video, social media, and streaming TVs in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Florida, targeted at voters who are likely to be undecided. Priorities has committed $200 million to defeat Donald Trump and has already spent over $11 million on TV and digital ads related to President Trump’s failure to protect the American people during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We will not let the Trump campaign’s dishonest, cherry-picked ad campaign go unanswered. Donald Trump downplayed the threat of the coronavirus and failed to heed expert advice, and now America has lost more lives than any other country in the world,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “Vice President Joe Biden has demonstrated his ability to lead our country through a crisis with steadiness and honesty. America cannot afford another four years of Donald Trump.”