Priorities USA Action Launches New Digital Ad Focusing on Trump’s Attempt to Distract From His Coronavirus Failures

May 07, 2020

As part of a million dollar per week digital advertising campaign, Priorities USA Action is launching its latest ad holding Trump accountable for running false negative ads about Joe Biden. Trump is trying to distract voters from his own failure to protect the American people as the coronavirus continues to devastate communities and our country is plunged into economic freefall. 

The negative ads by the Trump campaign contain lies that attempt to shield the President from blame for his failed pandemic response. Priorities is responding with the truth. “Distract” follows Trump’s repeated attempts to ignore and downplay the threat of coronavirus even as the crisis took tens of thousands of American lives and cost 33 million Americans their jobs. Instead of listening to American intelligence agencies and medical experts, Trump cited his correspondence with the president of China as evidence that the threat of the virus was being overblown by experts and the media.  

Priorities has now spent more than $11 million on ads related to Trump’s failed response to coronavirus. This is part of Priorities’ $200 million investment through Election Day to tell voters the truth about the chaos of Donald Trump’s presidency and defeat him in November.

“While thousands of Americans are getting sick every week and millions are out of work, Donald Trump claims that his administration has done ‘one hell of a job.’ This is simply false,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “Donald Trump is lying about Joe Biden because he knows that the more voters are reminded of his failures responding to the coronavirus, the less likely he is to win reelection. Trump’s lies about his failed presidency make the investments Priorities is making in bringing accurate information to voters more critical than ever. We will continue to communicate the truth to the American people.”