Priorities USA Action Launches First TV Ads In Key Battleground States

February 25, 2020

Washington, DC— Today, Priorities USA Action is releasing its first two TV ads of the 2020 cycle which showcase President Trump’s disastrous policies and actions. The ad buy will begin in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and expand to Michigan and Florida in the coming weeks as part of the organization’s $150 million plan to counter the Trump campaign ahead of the Democratic convention in July. 

The ads focus on the real negative impact that Trump’s policies, chaos, impulsiveness, and arrogance are having on people’s lives. 

These themes are front and center in the first ad, ‘Whatever I Want,’ which directly ties Trump’s chaotic and impulsive governing style to the government shutdown, rising health care costs, proposed Medicare cuts to pay for corporate tax cuts and foreign policy failures. 

‘Whatever I Want’


The second ad features Amy, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. If President Trump had his way, insurance companies would once again be able to discriminate against her for her pre-existing condition. Trump and his Republican allies in Congress are attempting to gut protections for people like Amy, jeopardizing health care for over 130 million Americans who live with a pre-existing condition. 



Priorities has outspent Trump online in key states since July 2019, and is continuing to counter the Trump campaign on all fronts, launching a new wave of digital ads in Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin earlier this month. 

“We may not know who the Democratic nominee will be, but the general election has already begun,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA and Priorities USA Action. “We’re taking the fight to Trump now, because it is imperative that Democrats communicate with voters early and hold him accountable for the ways in which his actions and policies are hurting millions of people across the country. Trump’s chaotic and impulsive presidency means more than just an ever-changing cable news cycle — it has a very real and damaging effect on the lives of millions of Americans who can’t afford Trump’s attacks on Medicare and affordable health care.”

Watch Guy Cecil discuss the new TV ads on Rachel Maddow HERE

Priorities USA has already reserved $70 million for television and digital advertising. The organization will spend about $40 million on digital video and audio platforms such as Youtube, Hulu, and Pandora in addition to about $30 million spent on TV advertising. 

“For too long, political organizations have perpetuated a false choice between investing online or on television. Our job is to reach voters regardless of which screen they’re watching. As we invest heavily in communicating this critical message, we’re excited to be integrating television and digital into one strategy,” said Danielle Butterfield, Director of Paid Media for Priorities USA and Priorities USA Action.