Priorities USA Action Launches “Check Your Registration” Digital Ad Campaign Targeting Black and Latino Voters in Battleground States

September 29, 2022

This campaign is part of Priorities’ broader $2 million “Check Your Registration” digital investment announced last month.

Priorities USA Action announced an all-digital ad investment targeting Black and Latino voters in battleground states who will play a decisive role in the midterm elections.

The ad campaign includes a series of research-backed messages that boost audiences’ likelihood to check their registration and emphasize the significance of community, history, and heritage when it comes to voting.

The ads will reach voters on digital platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Hulu and Pandora in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada through voter registration deadlines in October. The digital campaign targets Black and Brown voters with an emphasis on young people, college students, recent graduates and voters who move frequently, which are all groups who are more likely to need to update their voter registration.

With this campaign, Priorities is directly engaging Black and Brown voters who are most impacted by GOP-led voter suppression efforts to dilute their political power. By amplifying the importance of checking one’s voter registration with culture-specific messaging, Priorities is supporting communities of color in navigating the barriers to voting and empowering them to successfully cast their ballots.

This latest investment is part of Priorities’ larger $30 million digital investment announced earlier this year to mobilize voters in battleground states.

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“Priorities USA Action has long recognized the political power that Black, Latino and other communities of color hold and the unique messaging these communities deserve in order for Democrats to earn their vote,” said Aneesa McMillan, Deputy Executive Director of Priorities USA. “Our research has determined that it is essential for the Democratic Party to conduct repeated and intentional outreach with communities of color to build lasting connections rather than assume voters of color will vote Democratic no matter what. Priorities USA has been doing this work cycle after cycle and I am proud that we are continuing to build on this robust, essential program.”