Priorities USA Action, Latino Victory Fund, and Mike Bloomberg Announce New Spanish-Language TV Ad in Miami

October 29, 2020

As part of an ongoing advertising partnership powered by Mike Bloomberg’s $100 million investment in Florida to support Joe Biden, Priorities USA Action and Latino Victory Fund are releasing a new Spanish-language TV ad running in Miami through Election Day.

The new TV ad, “Character,” demonstrates Donald Trump’s inability to meet this moment and protect the American people while the coronavirus threatens our health and plunges our economy into a depression. The ad presents that “times of crisis reveal character.”

Joe Biden’s strong and empathetic leadership helped to pull our country out of the Great Recession and pass the Affordable Care Act, which gave millions of Americans access to affordable health coverage. Donald Trump is weak and only cares about himself — his administration is actively working to dismantle the ACA and threaten the health of millions while cutting taxes for the wealthy few.

Beginning in September, Priorities, LVF, and Mike Bloomberg have engaged Latino voters in Florida through TV, digital, and radio advertising at an unprecedented scale — with a total spend of about $14 million. A Joe Biden victory in the Sunshine State would solidify a path to 270 electoral votes for the Biden-Harris ticket. Voters of color, especially Latino voters, will play a significant role in determining that outcome. The program has taken a multi-platform, culturally competent approach in order to connect with as many voters as possible and speak to the issues that drive their decision at the ballot box.

“I know Joe Biden from working with him and I’ve seen firsthand his empathy and dedication to serving others – and his steady leadership when America has needed it most,” said Mike Bloomberg. “We deserve a president who will lead with compassion, strengthen health care for all Americans – instead of just helping his rich friends – and provide the strong leadership we need to bring us out of this pandemic. That’s Joe Biden.”

“When it comes to character, President Trump has shown the American people his true colors. Lying, name-calling, spreading hate and misinformation, hiding vital facts from the public, and failing the nation’s most vulnerable populations during the worst health crisis in modern history. It is time for voters to cast their ballots for a proven leader who can heal the nation and move our communities forward; that leader is Joe Biden,” said Luis A. Miranda, Chairperson of Latino Victory Fund.

“Priorities has known for over a year that early, sustained investment in Florida could provide the path for Democrats to take back the White House and get our country back on track,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “Thanks to the partnership of Mike Bloomberg and Latino Victory Fund, we developed a more robust, far-reaching advertising program. I am proud that Priorities has been able to support Joe Biden in this crucial state on such a large scale. We haven’t taken a single vote for granted and we’re not stopping now. With the finish line in sight, our message to voters remains the same — Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the only candidates in this race with the strength of character to provide the compassionate, moral leadership necessary to move our country forward.”