Priorities USA Action Extends and Expands Ad Buy, Launches Biden vs. Trump Contrast Ads

April 01, 2020

In response to America First Action announcing a $10 million ad buy, Priorities USA Action is expanding its original $6.6 million television and digital ad buy holding Donald Trump accountable for his failed response to the coronavirus pandemic and beginning to air “Better Prepared,” a spot contrasting the chaotic failed leadership of Donald Trump with the strong, steady leadership of Vice President Joe Biden. The spot will run alongside “One Week Later,” which uses Trump’s own words to show how he downplayed the crisis even as the number of infections grew exponentially. The Trump campaign has tried and failed to block TV stations from running the first two coronavirus ads that Priorities USA Action has run.

As an initial step, Priorities is adding an additional $1 million of ad time and extending by a week in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Priorities is also adding more digital ad time across these battleground states and Florida. Priorities is already running a contrast spot, “Steady Leadership,” online.

“Trump is failing the country as a leader during the biggest crisis of our lives. It has always been inevitable that the Trump team would attempt to cover up his dangerous incompetence by attacking Joe Biden,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA.  “With Donald Trump’s super PAC stepping into this race, we will not let Vice President Biden go undefended. We will do whatever we can to both hold Trump accountable during this time of crisis and help Joe Biden get elected in November.”