Priorities USA Action & Color of Change PAC Launch Multimillion-Dollar Persuasion Program Targeting Black Voters in Key Battleground States

August 03, 2020

In partnership with Color of Change PAC, Priorities USA Action is launching a persuasion program targeting Black voters on August 1st. The program leans on the cultural nuances of the Black community and reaches Black voters where they are spending time.

Through this program, initially announced in April, Color of Change PAC and Priorities USA Action will spend $3.4M from August through November reaching Black voters on digital platforms in four core states crucial to a Joe Biden victory: Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. The program places an emphasis on reaching younger Black voters who are undecided about Joe Biden or considering voting for Donald Trump.

The ads let Joe Biden and Donald Trump tell voters who they are, using their own words. “Winning” contrasts Donald Trump’s infamous broken promise that Americans will be “tired of winning” with images of the devastation that his administration has caused in Black communities. “Soul” amplifies the defining features of a future Biden administration — supporting middle and working class people, restoring unity and hope, and strengthening Main Street instead of Wall Street. The ad uses visuals to draw a direct connection between Biden’s message and his commitment to strengthening Black communities through investment in health care, education, and Black-owned businesses.

Police State” emphasizes the cruelty of Donald Trump’s reaction to protests calling for justice. As Donald Trump continues to condone violence and brutality against protesters, the chaos created by his administration will be a major issue of the campaign.

Research performed by Priorities and Color of Change demonstrated that engaging young Black men and women on the day-to-day issues affecting them was critical to increasing their support for Joe Biden. The program’s creative content was crafted specifically to account for these findings in order to reach Black voters where they are and amplify Joe Biden’s strength on issues they care about.

“Color Of Change PAC has been working to engage Black voters on the issues that matter to them and connecting these issues to candidates for years. The insight that they have brought to this partnership is invaluable in our effort to connect with Black voters, defeat Donald Trump, and ensure that Joe Biden is in the White House next year,” said Jenn Stowe, Deputy Executive Director of Priorities USA. “Donald Trump has failed Black people in America, especially as the coronavirus crisis has disproportionately harmed Black people and protests for justice in American policing have been met with hostility by the Trump administration. It is more important than ever that Priorities partner with organizations like Color of Change and make crucial investments empowering communities that have been historically and systemically left out of our democracy.”

“The stakes for Black people in this election could not be more dire. With each passing day, Trump finds a new way to stoke racist animus, undermine democracy and respond incompetently to numerous crises that are ravaging the Black community. Perhaps most dangerous, he is using the tools and levers of his office to encourage his supporters to do the same, which these ads show using his own words and actions,” said Arisha Hatch, Executive Director of Color Of Change PAC. “Through our partnership with Priorities USA, we intend to show how disastrous another Trump administration would be for Black people while galvanizing our community to vote at, hopefully, historic levels.”