Priorities USA Action, BlackPAC, and Mike Bloomberg Announce $3.4 Million TV Advertising Partnership in Florida

September 29, 2020

Priorities USA Action and BlackPAC are launching a $3.4 million television advertising partnership specifically designed to reach Black voters. The ads are being funded by a donation from Mike Bloomberg as part of his $100 million investment in Florida to help elect Joe Biden and defeat Donald Trump.

The ad, “One Nation,” features the voice of vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris, the first Black woman on a major party ticket in American history. While Donald Trump has repeatedly employed racism and division as a campaign strategy, Harris encourages unity and action in order to heal our nation and build a better future. “One Nation” will run on cable and broadcast in Florida with support from Mike Bloomberg. The ad campaign is designed to turn out voters who are likely to support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as well as persuade Black voters who may be undecided.

Florida is a key battleground state in Joe Biden’s path to victory and Donald Trump’s defeat in Florida will all but assure his defeat in the Electoral College. Priorities USA Action, BlackPAC, and Mike Bloomberg have prioritized reaching voters of color in the state, who will likely be decisive in the outcome of the presidential election.

Since 2016, BlackPAC has done the important work of engaging over 2 million Black voters nationwide and building political power in the Black community. BlackPAC’s organizational insight and expertise was integral in developing television ads that are culturally competent and effectively deliver a progressive message.

“Priorities is lucky to have Mike Bloomberg and BlackPAC as partners in our effort to reach Black voters and deliver the state of Florida for Joe Biden,” said Priorities USA Chairman Guy Cecil. “Donald Trump and his GOP allies are doing everything they can to stifle Black political power — and we’re fighting back that much harder. Our multi-channel media strategy is designed to connect with Black voters wherever they get their information and spend their time. As the core of the progressive movement, Black people will determine the outcome of this election and the future of this country. We’re investing accordingly.”

“We look forward to continuing our long partnership with Priorities USA and to joining forces with Mike Bloomberg to expand our outreach to Black communities throughout the state of Florida,” said Adrianne Shropshire, Executive Director of BlackPAC. “Black voters across the country are targets of misinformation and propaganda aimed at depressing our communities’ vote.  This effort is critical to delivering truthful information about what’s at stake for Black communities in this election and persuading skeptical voters that their vote holds the power to course correct our nation.”

“Black voters have been a driving force behind Democratic presidential victories for decades. To defeat Donald Trump, we need to ensure their voices are heard loud and clear at the ballot box,” said Mike Bloomberg. “I’m glad to support groups like BlackPAC that are doing everything they can to engage Black voters in order to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”