Priorities USA Action Announces Spanish Language Ad Buys in Florida and Arizona with Latino Victory Fund and American Federation of Teachers

September 16, 2020

Priorities USA Action is announcing partnerships with Latino Victory Fund and the American Federation of Teachers for two Spanish language ad buys designed to reach Latino voters in the key battleground states of Florida and Arizona. These investments are part of an ongoing effort to engage Latino voters through a multi-channel media strategy — reaching them where they spend their time and get their information.

Priorities USA Action and the American Federation of Teachers are partnering for a $1.9 million Florida ad buy on Spanish language TV in the Miami media market.

Additionally, in partnership with Latino Victory Fund, Priorities USA Action will launch a $726,000 radio ad buy targeting Latino voters in Arizona and Florida including in the Phoenix, Tucson, and Orlando media markets.

These media buys are part of Priorities’ $6.8 million investment in outreach to the Latino community across multiple mediums including digital advertising, produced by a culturally competent in-house team and informed by extensive research with Latino voters. Priorities will also begin running Latino targeted ads in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Latino communities have been disproportionately harmed by Donald Trump’s failed leadership and his inability to control the coronavirus crisis. According to a recent tracking poll from Latino Decisions, nearly 70% of Latino registered voters disapprove of Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic. Priorities USA Action, Latino Victory Fund, and the American Federation of Teachers have committed millions of dollars to defeating Donald Trump and ensuring Joe Biden is elected president in November.

“Florida and Arizona each have a huge role to play in Joe Biden’s path to victory, and Latino voters are an essential part of a winning Democratic coalition in these crucial battleground states,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “Priorities is proud to partner with Latino Victory Fund and the American Federation of Teachers to create ads that are by Latinos and for Latinos. We need a president who will stand up for all Americans and provide the strong leadership our communities need in these difficult times. We need Joe Biden.”

“We supported during the primary season, and continue to support Vice President Joe Biden because the Latinx community needs a champion, a healer, a leader with a proven record of accomplishments. But to win, we need to be vigilant at GOP leadership’s ongoing attempts at voter suppression targeting communities of color, particularly the Latino community. This campaign in Arizona and Florida is a strong reminder to our Spanish-speaking neighbors about the importance of voting in this historic election. A vote does make a difference! Latino Victory Fund is proud to stand with Priorities USA and the AFT to raise awareness, and send a clear signal to our community. They can make the difference by actively engaging in the democratic process and using their vote to change the systematic attacks we have endured during the last three and a half years,” said Luis A. Miranda Jr., Chairperson of the Latino Victory Fund.

“With less than two months until Election Day, AFT and our members are doing everything we can to ensure that Joe Biden is elected our next president in November. We are thrilled to partner with Priorities USA Action & the Latino Victory Fund in our efforts to reach Latino voters, who have been unfairly targeted and scapegoated by this administration, and who will play a decisive role in determining the future of our country,” said Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers. “The Trump administration, with Betsy DeVos, has met our nation’s educators with nothing but hostility and disrespect. Even during the Covid pandemic, this administration offers no plan or resources to help our kids or our schools. We need a leader who stands with working families and is willing to fight for them. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have the compassion, tenacity and grit to fight for what our communities need.”