Priorities USA Action and Somos PAC Launch $1.5M Digital Partnership Aimed at Mobilizing Latino Voters

October 13, 2022

Priorities USA and Somos Votantes also launched a $1.2M GOTV program across key battleground states.

Washington, D.C. —
Today, Priorities USA Action and Somos PAC announced joint campaigns to reach Latino voters on digital platforms in key battleground states. 

Watch “It Happens Together” and “Take Back the Power” here.

In Nevada, Priorities USA Action and Somos PAC are focused on mobilizing young Latino voters to check their voter registration. The campaign aims to fight misinformation surrounding the voting process.

Additionally, in Arizona, Priorities USA Action and Somos Votantes are investing in online outreach that highlights the contrast of Democratic achievements compared to the extremism of the GOP. 

Separately, Priorities USA and Somos Votantes will launch a “Get out the Vote” campaign, to mobilize Latino voters and encourage them to make a plan to vote. The ads will provide resources to help Latino communities in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada and Wisconsin cast their ballot and run online through Election Day. Critical information about voting will be communicated in Spanish and English on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other online platforms.

“The Latino community holds a unique and decisive role in our elections and Priorities’ work has consistently centered Latino voices in our campaigns. It is critically important to recognize the need for meaningful and consistent outreach to these communities,” said Priorities USA Action Deputy Executive Director Nick Ahamed in regard to the Priorities USA Action programs. “While Republicans do everything they can to suppress the vote, particularly targeting young voters of color, our program combats these attempts on multiple fronts.”

“Hardworking Latinos are the engines of our economy and have the ever-growing power to shape this country’s political future,” said Melissa Morales, Founder and President of Somos Votantes. “Our work is not about one party or one politician. It is about people. It is for that important reason that we are doing everything we can to ensure Latinos have the tools and information they need to vote and feel empowered to do so. When our community votes, change happens, lives change and our future becomes that much brighter.”