Priorities USA Action and House Majority PAC Release New Polling on Black Voters’ Top Issues

August 08, 2022

Washington, D.C. — Today, Priorities USA Action and House Majority PAC published a new memo detailing polling and focus group data outlining Black voters’ top concerns ahead of the midterms. The memo also includes messaging guidance on how Democrats can best engage Black communities and maintain party support.

The data found that Black voters overwhelmingly trust the Democratic Party more than Republicans to combat white supremacy, racist violence and voter suppression — all top motivators that pull Black voters to the polls. Furthermore, Democrats must center the specific needs of Black communities in addition to emphasizing GOP extremism to increase support and trust.

Read the memo HERE.

“As Democrats, we’ve got to show that we’re invested long-term in Black communities and will protect and expand the political power of Black communities from the threat of GOP extremism,” said Priorities USA Deputy Executive Director Aneesa McMillan. “Right now, Republicans are promoting policies and rhetoric that encourages violence against communities of color, disenfranchising vulnerable communities and coddling white supremacists. At Priorities, we’ve been consistently engaging with Black voters year after year on the issues that matter most to them and will continue our efforts to drive people to the polls and utilize the power of their vote.”