Priorities USA Action and Color of Change PAC Release New Ads Targeting Persuadable Black Voters

October 06, 2020

In partnership with Color of Change PAC, Priorities USA Action is launching multiple new digital ads that hold Donald Trump accountable for his failed leadership and make the case for Joe Biden’s steady leadership on the issues that matter most to Black Americans.

Gimme a Break” calls out Trump’s record of chaos and disruption, contrasting it with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ plans to create millions of good-paying jobs, expand affordable health care for all, and fight systemic racism. And in “Refresh,” real voters speak out about Trump “turning his back” on Black Americans and share why they believe Joe Biden is the candidate who can turn things around.

The ads will run on digital platforms in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as part of our previously announced $3.4 million persuasion program targeting Black voters in key battleground states. The program is informed by the cultural nuances of the Black community and reaches Black voters where they are.

The partnership has emphasized reaching young Black voters who may be undecided or may consider voting for Donald Trump. Research indicates that engaging young Black men and women on everyday issues is a critical component of increasing their support for Joe Biden. In states like Pennsylvania, which Priorities has identified as a potential tipping point on Joe Biden’s path to electoral victory, Black voters will likely play a decisive role in determining the outcome of the election.

“Whether he’s downplaying the pandemic, attacking our health care or doubling down on systemic racism, one thing is clear: Donald Trump has failed America — and Black voters are paying the highest price of all,” said Jenn Stowe, Deputy Executive Director of Priorities USA. “Along with our partners at Color of Change PAC, we will continue to hold Trump accountable for these failures and ensure Black voters know that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris offer a better path forward for our communities.”

“For nearly four years, Donald Trump has used his power and platform as president to attack Black communities across America,” said Arisha Hatch, Executive Director of Color Of Change PAC. “He’s weaponized a pandemic, hurled insults at Black Lives Matter protesters, and continues to protect and speak directly to white supremacists. This kind of failure and bigotry cannot and will not go unchecked. Black America deserves true and meaningful leadership, and Donald Trump certainly is not it.”