Priorities USA Action and BlackPAC Announce $400,000 Black Persuasion Radio Advertising Partnership in Pennsylvania

October 01, 2020

With Election Day nearly one month away, Pennsylvania has cemented its place as a probable tipping point on the electoral map. Black voters will likely make the difference in a state that went only narrowly for Donald Trump in 2016. With Joe Biden’s steady but narrow lead in the state, Priorities recognizes an opportunity to bolster persuasion efforts among key constituencies.

Today, Priorities USA Action and BlackPAC are launching a $400,000 radio advertising partnership specifically designed to reach Black voters in Pennsylvania.

This summer, Priorities USA Action and Color of Change also formed a partnership to make an early investment connecting with Black communities in battleground states. The organizations launched a multimillion-dollar digital advertising campaign designed to reach Black voters in Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, which is still ongoing.

“We are grateful to partner with BlackPAC in the fight to defeat Donald Trump and elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” said Priorities USA Chairman Guy Cecil. “From voter suppression to disproportionately negative health outcomes from COVID-19, Black Americans have borne the brunt of the Trump administration’s efforts to destroy our democracy and wreck American institutions. After months of investments in battleground states, we will continue to expand our outreach and do everything we can to defeat Donald Trump.”

“The path to victory for the Biden-Harris ticket requires meaningful and sustained engagement with Black voters. Our ongoing outreach to voters in Philadelphia is a crucial part of a strategy to mobilize Black voters to the polls around our communities’ best interest and in defense of our most basic rights. Defeating Donald Trump in November is in our community’s best interest and we plan to communicate that to every voter,” said Adrianne Shropshire, Executive Director at BlackPAC. “Priorities USA has always been an ally in the effort to expand access to democracy and bring new voters from our community into the voting process and this partnership is a reflection of that long-term commitment.”