Priorities USA Action and Black Progressive Action Coalition Announce Six-Figure Investment to Mobilize Black Voters in Pennsylvania

October 21, 2022

Washington, D.C. — Today, Priorities USA Action and Black Progressive Action Coalition (BPAC) announced a $900,000 investment in digital mobilization ads designed to reach Black voters in Pennsylvania ahead of the midterm elections. The ads will run through Election Day on social media platforms, streaming TV and digital audio.

The digital ads will center Black voters’ concerns and recognize their demand to see urgent legislative action. 

Watch “Finger Down” and “Breaking Through”.

Black voters are a critical part of the Democratic coalition and the reason why Joe Biden was able to sign historic legislation into law, including unprecedented investments in infrastructure, health care and the environment. This campaign is in addition to the millions Priorities has already invested in outreach to communities of color specifically focused on providing the tools necessary to check their voter registration. 

“Too often, Black voter support is taken for granted and outreach in Black communities is an afterthought. Black voters are keenly aware of the constant efforts by right-wing forces to disenfranchise their communities. With this campaign, we’re going beyond a plea to ‘just vote’ and including critical context that empowers Black voters to make their voices heard,” said Priorities USA Action Deputy Executive Director Aneesa McMillan. “Priorities is proud to partner with BPAC and has long recognized the importance of sustained, frequent communication with Black voters.”

“Black voters uniquely realize that our freedoms are on the ballot this November. Republicans up-and-down the ballot are supporting an ideology of racist nationalism, while Republican governors and legislatures across the country are stripping hundreds of thousands of legal voters from voter rolls and are making voting less accessible in our communities,” said Adrianne Shropshire, Executive Director of BPAC. “Our democracy depends on protecting the future for millions of Americans, and Black voters have always used our voting power to elect progressive leaders who stand with our community — and we will continue to do so this November. BPAC is proud to join Priorities in this fight.”