Priorities USA Action and A Better Wisconsin Together Political Fund Launch Six-Figure Campaign Urging Wisconsin Voters to Turn Out Against GOP Extremism

October 26, 2022

Washington, D.C. — Today, Priorities USA Action and A Better Wisconsin Together Political Fund announced a $275,000 joint digital ad campaign urging Wisconsinites to vote. The ads warn of the GOP’s long-term plan to force Donald Trump into power in 2024 should they win control of vital states this year.

The program will focus on reaching younger voters, voters of color and infrequent voters. This includes college students who face higher barriers to voting due to frequent moves or a lack of polling sites close to campus.

Watch “Trump’s Plan” and “Ban List.”

The ads detail the Republican priorities to suppress the vote and overturn election results, paving the way for an eventual Trump presidency and national abortion ban. Wisconsinites already face significant restrictions on abortion access and the ads featured in the campaign detail the threat posed to abortion rights if Republicans gain more control.

The campaign will run on online platforms such as Facebook and YouTube through Election Day. It will also magnify the high stakes of the election from abortion and birth control access to marriage equality.

“Priorities has been warning voters about the continued threat of GOP extremism for years. As the midterms draw near, it’s even more necessary to sound the alarm of what’s at stake in this election,” said Priorities USA Action Deputy Executive Director Nick Ahamed. “Our campaign with A Better Wisconsin Together Political Fund is a direct investment to reach key Wisconsin voters who can help defend our electoral system and prevent GOP extremism by turning out to vote and making their voices heard.”

“A Better Wisconsin Together Political Fund is thrilled to join Priorities USA Action in this vital work to protect our freedom to vote and the integrity of our elections, while denouncing GOP extremism and continued attempts to undermine our trusted electoral system,” said Josh Henderson, Paid Media Director at A Better Wisconsin Together Political Fund. “The voters we will reach with these ads are voters who have the power to stand up and reject MAGA extremism in Wisconsin.”