New TV Ads from Priorities USA Action Take on Trump’s Reckless School Push and Coronavirus Failures, Highlight Joe Biden’s Vision for a Better Future

August 21, 2020

Every day we read about another coronavirus outbreak in a school, and every day Donald Trump continues his reckless push to send our kids back to the classroom with little regard for their health or safety. With coronavirus outbreaks still uncontrolled in many states and millions of people still out of work thanks to Trump’s failures, Americans are facing an uncertain future while other countries return to normal life. The Trump administration was given multiple warnings by experts, guidelines for handling the pandemic, and opportunities to educate the American public about effective mitigation strategies. Donald Trump ignored every single opportunity to get the coronavirus under control, instead opting for his comfort zone of lies and disinformation. Every American is now paying the price for Trump’s incompetence.

A pair of new TV ads from Priorities USA Action hold Donald Trump accountable for his failures and tell the stories of Americans who have been harmed by his lack of action.

Darlene works on the front lines of our nation’s coronavirus crisis as a nurse. She wants her child to go back to school, but she fears for their safety with the pandemic still taking thousands of American lives each week while Trump fails to act. A registered Republican, Darlene will share her story with battleground state voters during the week of the Republican National Convention. In “Life and Death,” she declares that she cannot vote for Donald Trump because of his failure to listen to experts and keep Americans safe.

Wreck” contrasts Donald Trump’s failed leadership that has always put himself first with Joe Biden’s fact-driven, compassionate leadership. While Trump is trashing our economy and our institutions, Joe Biden has a plan to build our economy back better than it was before. Not only will Joe Biden and Kamala Harris listen to science and confront the virus, they will create millions of good jobs, improve access to affordable health care, expand Medicare, and ensure that our progress is preserved for generations to come.

Life and Death” and “Wreck” will run on cable and broadcast in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.

Priorities USA Action is spending about $2 million per week on television and digital ads telling Americans the truth about Donald Trump’s failure to contain the virus and protect our children. Priorities is committed to investing more than $200 million through November to defeat Donald Trump and ensure that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are in the White House in 2021.

“To keep America’s children safe, parents and teachers need a leader that they can rely on. Handling this pandemic is the ultimate test of leadership — and Trump has failed miserably,” said Chairman of Priorities USA Guy Cecil. “There is still so much uncertainty about how we will open our schools safely, and the blame for this chaos rests squarely on Donald Trump’s shoulders. We need a president who will lead with compassion and always heed the advice of experts. Joe Biden will be that leader. Priorities is committed to doing everything we can to support the Biden-Harris ticket so we can forge a better future for our country next year.”