New TV Ad from Priorities USA Action Keeps Focus on Coronavirus, Health Care and the Economy

September 09, 2020

Thousands of Americans are still dying every week because of Donald Trump’s failure to control the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, the Trump administration is acting as if the pandemic is over. Our country is still in a health crisis, but Donald Trump is back to his usual agenda — stripping health care away from millions of Americans and seeking billions in cuts to Medicare. While Trump and his allies flout basic health guidelines at conventions and rallies, Americans with pre-existing conditions live in fear that this administration will gut the Affordable Care Act and take away the basic protections they rely on to have access to care.

Mask,” a new TV ad from Priorities USA Action, holds Donald Trump accountable for abandoning Americans who have lost their jobs and their health insurance during the pandemic. Instead, Trump turned his attention to eliminating the health care protections that millions rely on. In a recent poll of battleground state voters, Priorities found that voters trust Joe Biden to protect affordable health care over Donald Trump by a margin of 37 points.

Mask” will run on cable and broadcast in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Arizona, and the ad will also run in Florida as part of Priorities’ $6 million advertising partnership with Everytown for Gun Safety Victory Fund. Priorities USA Action continues to spend almost $2 million per week on digital and TV ads, reaching voters in key battleground states. Priorities is well on its way to spending $200 million holding Donald Trump accountable and ensuring that Joe Biden is our next president.

“With less than two months until ballots are counted, Priorities is doing everything we can to make sure that voters know who Donald Trump has been all along. Trump has never put the best interests of the American people first. Instead, he gives his wealthy friends billions of dollars in tax breaks while pushing to cut Medicare and eliminate the Affordable Care Act,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “We need a president who the American people can trust to stand up for them in times of crisis. We need Joe Biden.”