New Study From Priorities USA, Data For Progress Provides a New Avenue for Progressive Policy Messaging

January 24, 2022

Today, Priorities USA and Data for Progress published the findings of a new message testing study of the technique known as ‘MaxDiff.’

The MaxDiff asks voters to rank a series of messages from most persuasive to least persuasive and their preferences using a smaller sample size than other testing methods. Because of the smaller sample size, MaxDiff allows Democrats to more accurately test the efficacy of messages with specific constituency groups.

Results of the survey conducted by Priorities USA and Data for Progress demonstrated that messages about growing the middle class and creating blue-collar jobs built support for the Build Back Better agenda. Continued investment in similar research will help guide Democratic messaging strategies to persuade and mobilize voters in 2022.

Priorities USA and Data for Progress recently released a memo detailing the findings of a recent MaxDiff experiment and analyzed how Democrats can utilize this tool to improve their communication with voters.

Read the full memo HERE.

“Voters want better health care, better infrastructure and a tax system that isn’t rigged in favor of the wealthy. Priorities USA is committed to electing more Democrats to fight for these essential policies. To do that, we need the best messages possible to meaningfully connect with voters,” said Priorities USA Deputy Executive Director Nick Ahamed. “I am excited that our partnership with Data for Progress has produced such impactful results and I look forward to continuing this important work.”

“MaxDiff surveys allow us to accurately test messages with specific groups of voters, giving us a more effective way to message test,” said Johannes Fischer, Survey Methodology Lead at Data for Progress. “The results of this survey make clear what voters care about, enabling us to persuade voters ahead of the midterm elections. We’re glad to collaborate with Priorities USA on this important, necessary work.”