New Digital Ad From Priorities USA Action: Former Republicans, Tired of Trump, Look to Joe Biden to Forge a Path Forward

July 23, 2020

Washington, DC — Andrew is a registered Republican. He has always voted for conservative candidates, but in a new digital ad from Priorities USA Action, Andrew shares his plan to vote for Joe Biden in the November general election. “I’m doing what’s best for the country,” explaining his decision to support Biden as an act of patriotism, not politics.

Best for the Country” will run in English and Spanish on digital platforms in key battleground states, including Arizona. As key swing voters in the Grand Canyon State continue to sour on Donald Trump’s failed leadership, Priorities USA Action is investing more than $1 million in reaching Arizona voters in July alone.

According to a Priorities USA poll of voters who have recently shifted their support to Joe Biden, 21% of those who voted in 2016 say they voted for Trump and 22% report that they supported his reelection as recently as two months ago. These aren’t “never Trump” Republicans. Donald Trump’s failure to lead on the coronavirus crisis and divisive, hateful messaging amid protests against racial injustice has forced even some staunch conservatives to turn against him. For new Biden voters, Joe Biden is far more capable of uniting the country, providing the leadership we need, and managing a competent government.

Priorities is currently spending almost $2 million per week on digital and TV advertising. Priorities recently announced a $24 million investment in mobilization, vote-by-mail, and base consolidation programs that target Black and Latino voters. This is part of the $200 million Priorities is investing to defeat Donald Trump and elect Joe Biden.

“To put it simply, Americans are fed up with chaos inside the Trump administration. While Donald Trump is working to enrich himself and his corporate friends, the American people are being left behind,” said Patrick McHugh, Executive Director of Priorities USA. “It’s clear that Joe Biden’s message of hope and unity is getting through to voters who are disappointed with Donald Trump’s failure to lead. Americans need a president who will put them first and provide steady, compassionate leadership — the case for Joe Biden is only getting stronger.”