NEW ADS: Priorities USA Action highlights independent journalism to combat Trump’s lies on Facebook

August 13, 2020

As the coronavirus rages on across the country and millions of families struggle to stay afloat in a devastating economic recession, Donald Trump continues to mislead the American people in a desperate attempt to cover up his failed leadership. But his lies won’t go unchecked or unanswered.

Priorities USA Action has launched a new wave of digital ads as part of our ongoing Facts First campaign on Facebook — lifting up real reporting on these important issues from respected, independent news outlets and placing those articles directly into voters’ feeds. With the avalanche of conservative misinformation that has run rampant on the platform, Priorities is making sure that voters know the truth about Trump’s disastrous mishandling of our country’s concurrent crises.

The Facts First campaign has been running on Facebook since July 2019, producing measurable impact. Priorities conducted a ZIP code randomized field experiment to measure the effectiveness of boosting news stories to voters who consume relatively little news or watch Fox News. The experiment revealed that the Facts First program had a statistically significant effect on persuading voters to support Joe Biden.

“Donald Trump and his allies are doing everything they can to spread misinformation and distract voters from the catastrophic mess he’s made,” said Danielle Butterfield, Paid Media Director for Priorities USA. “But with millions suffering from the coronavirus and even more unemployed as a result of the recession, voters deserve to know exactly how Trump’s incompetence put us in this position. We’ll keep lifting up independent, fact-based reporting and telling the truth about Trump’s failed leadership.”

The Facts First ads target persuadable voters in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Arizona, and are running in both English and Spanish. 

You can find examples of the latest ads, which began running on August 7, below: