NEW AD: Trump Increases Divisions in America and Decreases Testing

August 28, 2020

This week, Donald Trump proved yet again that he is living in his own world — completely disconnected from the painful reality that millions of Americans are facing right now because of his failed leadership. 

Although the coronavirus is still killing thousands of Americans every week, Donald Trump spoke as if our country is no longer in crisis. Even as millions of people are still reporting job losses, Donald Trump spoke as if our economy was not at its lowest point since the Great Depression. 

The latest digital ad from Priorities USA Action, “Fanning The Flames,” tells voters the truth about Donald Trump’s failed leadership. While our communities still struggle to contain the coronavirus, Donald Trump sidelined experts and ordered testing slowed down. Millions are out of work, and all Trump can talk about is a fantasy of a rapid economic comeback while he lets unemployment benefits expire. Cities across the country are crying out for justice and Donald Trump responds with hate, division, and encouraging violence. 

Our country is in crisis, and Donald Trump has made everything worse. 

Priorities USA Action continues to spend almost $2 million every week on TV and digital advertisements — giving voters in battleground states the facts about Donald Trump’s failed presidency. 

“This week, the Republican Party held their convention in an alternative universe. With thousands still dying every week and millions still struggling to make ends meet, Donald Trump’s leadership has been an utter failure. He knows that he can’t win a second term on his record — so he resorts to stoking fear and hiding the truth,” said Guy Cecil, Chairman of Priorities USA. “Joe Biden is a tested leader and has a proven record of putting the American people first. We need him in the White House.”