Battleground Bulletin: Donald Trump is losing the persuasion game — but Democrats must keep their foot on the gas.

July 19, 2020

Donald Trump is losing the persuasion game — but Democrats must keep their foot on the gas.

With just over 100 days left until Election Day, Donald Trump finds himself squarely behind the eight ball. As he continues to disastrously mishandle crises on multiple fronts, the American people are fed up with Trump’s failed leadership — and more and more voters are looking to make a change.

Priorities USA Chairman Guy Cecil discussed the electoral landscape in a State of the Race briefing for reporters last week, sharing new battleground poll results that reveal widespread dissatisfaction with the president’s performance and a growing number of paths to 270 electoral votes for Joe Biden. He also stressed the importance of Democrats remaining focused on November 3 and refusing to take a single vote for granted. To that end, Priorities announced our $24 million investment in mobilization, vote by mail and base consolidation efforts, targeted primarily at Black and Latino voters.

You can view the presentation deck from our State of the Race briefing here.

In addition to the new data discussed in the briefing, we also took a closer look at Joe Biden’s newest supporters — the 7% of battleground voters who now plan to vote for Vice President Biden, but say they did not support him two months ago. These voters offer a unique window into how significantly the landscape has shifted under Trump’s feet in such a short period of time and what exactly is driving the change. Our deep dive examines this cohort of recent converts, including who they are, why they’ve moved in Biden’s direction, and what Democrats can do to lock in their support between now and November.

You can read our new battleground poll memo on the “new Biden voters” here.

To be clear, this election is far from over and much work remains to make sure Donald Trump is a one-term president. But with voters increasingly turning their backs on Trump’s chaos in favor of Biden’s steady, stable leadership, the winds of change are undoubtedly beginning to blow in the right direction.


Voters are fed up with Donald Trump’s lackluster response to the coronavirus and Trump’s spending reflects that. Instead of expanding their electoral map, team Trump’s spending reflects a campaign scrambling to shore up support in states they previously won in 2016. Donald Trump has concentrated his spending in states like Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona, and Michigan while all but ignoring the blue states that the campaign vowed early on to compete in. 

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is staffing up in key battleground states as well as investing in traditionally red states like Texas and Iowa. Priorities is spending almost $2 million per week on digital and TV advertising to defeat Donald Trump and ensure that Joe Biden is the next president. 


As other countries reopen, Donald Trump struggles to control the spread of coronavirus and fails to keep Americans safe. Trump has repeatedly stated that the risk of infection is “very low” and “the numbers are very minuscule.” “Cases” highlights Trump’s false claims about the dangers of this pandemic while American communities are devastated by illness. The ad is running on cable and broadcast in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. 

Priorities USA Action’s latest digital ad, “Go Away,” emphasizes Donald Trump’s repeated, deliberate lies to the American people and holds Trump accountable for spreading misinformation in a time of crisis. 


Donald Trump has never put the American people first. At a time when America is crying out for leadership, Trump has only made our problems worse, stoking division instead of inspiring hope. Americans deserve a president who will always put them first, and Joe Biden is that leader. “We The People” contrasts Trump’s chaos with Joe Biden’s steady, compassionate leadership.


Latino voters are tired of Trump’s incompetence. Donald Trump’s mishandling of the coronavirus has disproportionately hurt Latinos, and his authoritarian tendencies grow more obvious by the day. We can’t afford another four years of a wannabe strongman. We need a caballero. We need Joe Biden.

Caballero,” running in English and Spanish, is part of a seven-figure ad buy targeting Latino voters.