Priorities USA and Commonwealth Communications Launch Mobilization Campaigns In Pennsylvania

November 02, 2023
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Priorities USA and Commonwealth Communications Launch Mobilization Campaigns In Pennsylvania

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today Priorities USA, Priorities USA Foundation, and Commonwealth Communications announced $600,000 in joint campaigns to mobilize voters for the crucial statewide judicial and county commissioner races that will be decided this November 7th in Pennsylvania. 

The effort includes two separate campaigns focused on driving voters to the polls who are less likely to turnout this year. 

One campaign, a partnership between Commonwealth Communications and Priorities USA Foundation, features a voter education program that will provide information on how to cast their ballot and ensure they know what’s on the ballot in this election.

The second, funded by Commonwealth Communications and Priorities USA, amplifies the stakes of judicial elections after recent SCOTUS decisions, with an emphasis on abortion. Both programs will target young, Latino, and Black communities.

Watch “Everywhere You Look” and “Our Freedom” and “Reject Republican Judges” 

“Black, Latino, and younger communities are far too often ignored because too many strategists don’t know how to best reach them,” said Priorities USA Foundation Deputy Executive Director Nick Ahamed. “By targeting them across platforms in a way that reflects their actual consumption habits, we can not only empower them to use their voices, but also help them build the habit of voting. Priorities is proud to once again partner with Commonwealth Communications to engage Pennsylvania voters.”

“The country saw what happened when Republican judges took control of the U.S. Supreme Court: our rights and freedoms have been stripped away and sent “back to the states” to decide,” said J.J. Abbott, Executive Director of Commonwealth Communications. “And that means that for Pennsylvanians, our state court elections mean more than ever. Trump’s SCOTUS has become a ball and chain around every anti-abortion Republican candidate in the country and that’s true here in Pennsylvania this year. We’re proud to work with Priorities USA to ensure that every voter understands the stakes of these elections and the risks of electing Republican judges to our highest courts.”